• 丽适岩板选用了来自西斯特姆公司具有33000吨压力的先进设备用于生产岩板,丽适岩板的规格为1200×2400mm和1600×3200mm,厚度有6mm和12mm,有柔光面,哑光面和亮抛面。

    Litex Prefab是丽适岩板匠心打造的预制件体系,为全球客户提供全新的一体化解决方案,以及全新的商业模式。

    Litex Porcelain Slab is produced by SYSTEM production machine with 33,000 tons Press Pressure, and it comes in the size 1200x2400mm and 1600x3200mm, and available in a glossy finish, a silk finish and a matte finish with the thickness of 6mm and 12mm.

    Litex Prefab is a prefab system created by Litex. It provides the global customers a new kitchen solution through an unique technology. It creates a new business model.



Litex Porcelain Slabs have excellent physical performance, such as extremely low water absorption, high hardness, excellent stain resistance, thermal stability, and it can achieve 10 degrees of curvature.

Litex Porcelain Slabs can be applied to all kinds of places.

Litex porcelain Slabs are used in kitchen islands, countertops, backsplashes, side panels, and Vanities which can be used to complete the decoration and application for a whole space.
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